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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: You've been working to Everborn for like... 6 years? Will you ever complete it?
No Idea. I love it, but it's not my life.

Q: What is Everborn?
Everborn will be a turn-based multiplayer fantasy strategy game, with real-time battles, born as a clone of Simtex's Master of Magic.

The main project goals are:
  • Multiplayer-oriented strategic game.
  • A balance between fast game and good strategy.
  • A deep game system, with great regard to diplomacy.
  • Nontrivial winning conditions.
  • At least 20 different races.
  • Magical items and heroes.
  • Fully customizable (maps, races, units).
  • Free as in 'freedom', under the allmighty GPL license.

Q: How am I supposed to play?
This is how the game goes:
You choose your race, your magic and your skills.
You rule the cities of your expanding empire and command your armies in the exploration and conquest of the Worlds.
You'll encounter other powerful wizards, usually your friends on another computer try to kick their ass while they try to kick yours.

Q: How much does Everborn costs?
Everborn will be completely free.
I'm creating it because I want to play it, and because I enjoy making it.
I do it for passion, and I consider it a form of art.
Art has no price.

Q: Why Linux?
Because I value my freedom more than I value corporate eyecandy.

Q:My computer is not blessed by the righteous light of free software, how can I try the game?
Fear not, my unenlightened friend, for thou canst run Everborn on a live Linux distribution like Ubuntu or Knoppix, sparing any writing to your defiled hard drive.
But beware! For hardware acceleration won't work!

Q: Graphics sucks! (and the interface and blah blah...)
Aesthetics will be improved when the game will be playable.

Q: Where can I get Everborn?
Everborn will be freely downaloadable from this site.

Q: I want to help the project. What can I do?
Being the slighest involved in a project requires time.
90% of the people eager to help ends up being too busy to do anything and just wastes my time.
If you really think you belong to that 10%, it would really useful if you beta-tested the game, give me the feedback and take my counter-feedback.
Also, if you know OpenGL, have a look at map_view.cpp.
I'm getting mad trying to create a nice perspective projection and reversing the transformation to determine what parts of the map are inside the screen and what aren't.
In any case, you're welcome to join #everborn at irc.freenode.net .

Q: I got a really cool idea for Everborn, are you interested?
Not now at least, unless it means less work for me.

Q: Will I be able to play against computer-controlled opponents?
Everborn will most probably have scripted AIs, but they're no priority.